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A Player’s Guide to Arranoon

The city of Arranoon lies in a massive sinkhole, see? No one knows how the sinkhole formed, and, frankly, no one much cares to know. There are a few adventurers, Pathfinders and the like, that delve to the bottom of the pit, looking around the caverns, but for the most part, people go to Arranoon for only two reasons: one, they’re running from something, or two: they want to make money. Hells, they ususally ‘re there for both.

You first see one of the Two Brothers when you approach, massive keeps they are, rising up out of the dunes and baked earth. Then you see the shantytowns that ‘ave sprung up around them like ducks around a mother. The guards only let foreigners in as far as the first two levels without hasslin’ questions and paperwork unless you know someone on the inside.

‘Course everythin’ you need is on the first two levels: the Enthar Bazaar has just about every thing you can think of to buy. Plus gamblin’, gamin’, and pleasures of all kinds, too. One time I found this-well, um, never you mind.

If you really want to know what the city’s like though, you got to travel down past the first two levels, see the Hanging Gardens the elves built right in the caves off the side of the sinkhole using some kind of light crystals that pull the sun’s rays right down into the hole. Visit the mines the dwarves and half-orcs run—yeah half-orcs and dwarves workin’ togehter. And huge farm caves and reservoirs. Also there’s a little gnome group always trying to build somethin’ half-crazed.

Careful though. Religions all over the place. Mystic seers, crazy wizards, and legend says that this is one of the spots where the dwarves broke free of the Earth. Legends of fallen empires and fearsome desert dragons. There’re darker legends, too. Folks dabblin’ in black magic, dark sacrifice, necromancy, monsters and abominations that would give you nightmares at noon. Hells, that’s the real Arranoon.”

—Coramel, the drunk

Name Description Player
Caen Rysmourne Human (m) Rogue (5) LE Annolennar
Draxis Elf (m) Fighter (5) LN Imaria
Eärendur Telrúnya Elf (m) Wizard (5) N Chicotdman2301
Eldrathia Elf (f) Druid (5) NG Shinga
Grug Half-orc (m) Barbarian (5) Scary Haven
Peter the Little Halfling (m) Cleric (5) LG Vlad
Wu Human (m) Monk (5) LN Jamminjelly

We use Pathfinder Beta rules, which are an adaptation of the D&D 3.5 rules. Here’s the wiki for Pathfinder and character sheet as well.


Name Description Player
Thorgrim and Cat Dwarf (m) Ranger (5) LG Vlad
?? Race (G) Class (L) Al Player
?? Race (G) Class (L) Al Player


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