Launch the Airship! GCA 0x.1

First Encounter, Tasks

A gnome inventor named Gnokam asks Wu to pick up a part for him from a shop in the Enthar Bazaar. While there, Wu is essentially mugged and the heroes follow the thief to a slum neighborhood nearby. They find the thief. Caen tortures and may have killed him. The thief did reveal that he was hired by one of The Ruling Houses, but he didn’t know which. Thorgrim and Eldrathia try to stop Caen, but to little avail. The thief’s guild shows up, armed, ready, and atop the buildings surrounding this area. A few blasts of a wand of fireballs causes problems for the heroes, who, having recovered the item, flee.

Gnokam greets the party, gleeful to have the last part, one similar to an astrolabe, and he shows the heroes his latest, and most top secret invention, an airship, the first of its kind in the known world. Called The Winged Explorer, the gnome eventually asks the party to help him by providing additional security on the ship’s maiden voyage. He fears some may be trying to sabotage the ship or, worse, steal his designs. He suspects one of the minor houses in Arranoon.

While awaiting the ship’s big reveal during the Festival of Shadow and Light, Thorgrim, Eldrathia, and the newly met wizard Eärendur Telrúnya, are each asked to complete an additional mission aside from the security on the voyage. Tornar, Thorgrim’s old friend, asks him to pick up a group of dwarves ready to begin settling the halls below Arranoon. A representative of the Assembly, Firree Carsh, unofficially asks Eldrathia to reopen trade routes or diplomatic relations with other cities. A disgruntled old mage, Ghallian Grainor, asks Eärendur to find a rare avian species, the The Golden Aiwah also called a Great Tipoca.

Gnokam’s launch achieved what he wanted, instant fame, glory, and awe. He arranges to have the government outfit the players and waits until the maiden voyage of The Winged Explorer occurs just a mere week later.


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