Reclamation of the Dwarven Halls, GCA 0, Part 1

The story so far...

After wandering the world adventurings, the heroes receive word that Thorgrim’s old commander in the Overland Rangers of Arranoon has requested his help. The heroes book passage to Osirion and from there travel to the magnificent city of Arranoon.

Whilst traveling on the boat the heroes encounter Khatep, a strange cleric, who agrees to join their exploits, and they see a woman cloaked in white and her body guard.

Upon arrival at Arranoon, the heroes quickly descend into the city and find Thorgrim’s former ranger commander. After a brief update on the rebuilding of the clan, the old dwarf begins to give details on the discovery of what is apparently an old dwarven holdfast deep in the earth. A group of halfling adventurers, the Cave Divers, lead by a somewhat spastic explorer named Artan, journeyed deep into the caves that lie at the bottom of the Pit. There they found a lake with a submerged bridge leading to what appeared to be a holdfast—perhaps it is the lost home of Thorgrim’s clan.

While in Arranoon, the heroes again see a glimpse of the woman wrapped in white and her larger-than-average body guard.

And they’re off. The heroes descend to the lowest point of civilization in Arranoon and then venture into the caves, lead by Artan. Making camp the first night near a junction in the tunnels that was blocked off by a cave-in, the heroes on watch heard some kind of strange noise as darkness fell on the camp. All that could be determined was the presence of a cave cricket, but surely it didn’t make that scrpaing noise?

The next morning the heroes came upon the holdfast, most definitely dwarven in design. They found, however, that a band of gnolls had set up camp within. After defeating a guard encampment, the heroes encountered the tribe and its cheif. With a clever use of an entangle spell, Eldrathia managed to stick the scavengers to the spot as Grug climbed and cut through the support beams for their houses strung across the high dwarven halls. It collapsed and killed most of the tribe and a few of the slaves—Thorgrim had a problem with this…Grug not so much. Wu landed a few well-placed, awesome, monkish blows as well.

Thorgrim took down the adornments on the dwarven god Torag’s statue that corrupted it into a shrine for Lamashu, the goddess of monsters. Two large rubies were found the eye sockets of the mask. Grug took them.

They have yet to explore the rest of the holdfast.


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