Ruins Beneath GCA1x, Part 2


The heroes found their way down the sinkhole to the floor of Arranoon, which dropped off into a swamp land filled with fungus and a tribe of Bullywugs. Eventually they found their way to the ruined pyramid, a massive complex, which they moved through and then emerged on the top of the pyramid to find a woman attended by three robed shapes and a shadow demon. She operated some kind of crystal and flesh device, turned and unleashed a blast of energy at the heroes….

and then the group fell apart as the GM learned he and his wife were expecting a child. Oh the heroes were frozen in time, for all time for the GM learned that there was no more time….


Except Caen, who went on to take over Arranoon and prosecute a war against the continent, eventually retiring to a life of absolute luxury and decadence. Asmodeus periodically asks for favors.

Ruins Beneath GCA1x, Part 2

and so the Great Delusion of Caen was complete as he lived out his life seedy slavery to a large Bullywug named Bertha.

Ruins Beneath GCA1x, Part 2
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