Ruins Beneath GCA1x , Part One

Attack of the Undead

The party, given Amulets of the Flame by the Sisters, prepare to defend the Seers’ Temple from an undead attack. They also tell the heroes that the undead are being controlled by necromancy from the floor of the sinkhole. They give Caen a device that will help the group locate the source of the energies. The heroes meet a halfling cleric, Peter the Little who decides to aid them in their quest.

Ghasts batter down the gates. A grease spell and alchemist fire cuts off their retreat, killing several of the undead. A fireball takes out the majority of the horde lurking beneath the walls. The Sisters “pulse” the Sacred Flame, causing a wave of holy energy to sweep the battlefield, killing several monsters.

Advancing towards the ramp and lift, the heroes are once again assailed by a group of zombies and ghouls. Worse still, five spectres attack. Peter turns them and they flee the area.

The party decides to drop over the edge and rappel down the side to the seventh level, bypassing a time-consuming trek around the sinkhole.

Unfortunately, they will land right outside of the cemetery….


Dalek1138 Dalek1138

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