Draxis Maenir

Drunken Elf Spiked Chain Fighter


120 years old, 6’2, 150lbs, black hair, blue eyes. Usually smells vaguely of ale.

Draxis Maenir was born into mediocrity. A rare child born in Kyonin, he was the lesser son of a lesser house. His destiny was unremarkable: to be trained as a scribe, nothing more. Unable to shake the feeling that he was meant for something greater, Draxis began to secretly study the art of chain-fighting, eventually confident enough of his abilities to leave his family behind one night, without as much as a note or goodbye, to seek out his fortune and greater destiny.

Traveling for many years across Golarion, Draxis ended up in Arranoon only by accident when his caravan was waylaid there while making his way from Osirion to Katapesh. Without enough money to continue his journey, Draxis found himself stranded in this city, spirit broken. He fell into depression and further ignobility, spending much of his time at the Foolish Priest when not doing odd jobs for various bazaar vendors and the like. When finally earning enough money to leave Arranoon, his belief that he could find a greater destiny had been long extinguished. Seeing no point to leaving, Draxis settled down with a bland human server from the Foolish Priest solely because he thought he could do no better, dreading the inevitable marriage that would seal his fate as a nobody forever.

Until one late night after far too many ales, when his memory went foggy and he woke only to find himself locked in a cell deep below the city, smelling foul and haunted by vague recollections of unfortunate events. Unwilling to even attempt to free himself, Draxis lay waiting for the gnolls to return and finish the job, when instead a group of adventurers found and rescued him.

For the first time, Draxis saw his chance. These adventurers were his opportunity to find a greater destiny, to be someone of significance. While still embittered by his years living as a second-rate person, and now saddled with a significant drinking habit, Draxis has hope for the first time that he may have a chance to become someone he can be proud of.

Draxis Maenir

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