Dwarven Stronghold

Not part of the city but discovered in caves leading from the bottom of the sinkhole, this dwarven keep has remained in the hands of a small gnoll tribe for years. How they got there and why remains a mystery. Why it was abandoned in the first place is also a conundrum.

An ancient holdfast from the days of the dwarves before the quest for sky, this stronghold was reclaimed by the dwarf Thorgrim and his companions. An infestation of gnolls, a chull, and a bulette had all taken up residence and were defeated, clearing the way for the old clans to resettle.

This subterranean castle consists of a large ground floor, three upper levels, and one lower level. It is dedicated to dwarven religion, military might, and heroes. It contains perhaps many of the answers to dwarven historical mysteries. Documents and a well-stocked library could hold the key.

It is also the site of a unique defensive structure, a bridge that is capable of submerging entirely, isolating the structure entirely behind a massive underground lake, also channeling a river. The lowest level of the stronghold is dedicated to this apparatus.

Will the dwarves be able to resettle these ancestral halls?

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Dwarven Stronghold

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