Environs of Arranoon

Trade routes lead two different directions from Arranoon, vaguely north, south through the white sands of the plain of Arrnoon and beyond. The Brazen Peaks rise in the distance the west and east with the low plain of Arranoon breaking this chain in the middle.

The mountain range is home to several giant tribes—some warring, some at peace. The plains to the north are the nomadic ranges of several elemental clans (at least groups of Earth, Fire, Wind—the Water clans have almost no presence).

Keeping a watchful eye on the giants and elementals, a group of human and dwarven rangers patrols the borders of both Osirion and Katapesh. Often these rangers provide safe passage for caravans and traders, usually without the targets’ knowledge of the threats.

Most creatures are similar to those found in Katapesh and southern Osirion—large herds of zebra, gazelles, and some prides of golden lions roam the area. More fantastic creatures are not uncommon in the region: a few clutches of phoenixes and herds of griffins are often seen. In the region and in the city itself, the Arra cat, a small “house” cat, is ubiquitous. See more information in Flora and Fauna of Arranoon.

Highly territorial gnolls are the most common of all monsters; however it is not uncommon to see gnolls as well as orcs, goblins, and other sentient monsters in and among the stalls of the great The Enthar Bazaar in Arranoon. Usually security keeps a tight watch on them, and have learned (sometimes the hard way) how to keep order.

The weather is generally constant: hot and dry, with the exceptions being early spring and late fall as the temperatures shift. The rainy seasons during such time can make the entire desert bloom. Arranoon has large reservoir collection cisterns at the lowest level of the City as well as other way station cisterns along the trade routes. As in Katapesh, the rainy season is greeted with great joy and the merchants and indeed the whole city celebrates with color, song, festivals, and joy.

Ruins, being swallowed slowly by the desert, do seem to surround Arranoon, and if the legends and records still exist somewhere, they would confirm that Arranoon was part of one of the dozens of dynasties and empires that inhabited the area. The city that stood high on the Brazen Peaks was destroyed by the gods for their arrogance; hence the creation of both the sinkhole, and the devastation to the surface as the land literally swallowed the city. Ruins of this previous city do still exist underneath the floor of the sinkhole where few ever visit. Of particular note further afield, the remnants of a massive pyramid and city complex lies about four miles to the east of the northern trade route. Several Pathfinder expeditions have explored some of these ruins; some returned, others did not.

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Environs of Arranoon

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