Festival of Shadow and Light

A rather minor holiday to celebrate the vernal equinox. As the winter months become spring, the citizens of Arranoon celebrate by having a day off work, eating festival foods, drinking copious amounts, and generally having what some call “a really bloody good time.”

The White Council, at the behest of the Assembly, stretches out a long, long rope across the diameter of the third level’s rim. In the midst of that they have placed platform holding a series of fireworks, which it set off right at the moment of dusk, marking and celebrating the equality of day and night.

The most recent of observances (hundreds of years old) involves most of the human religions dressing up clerics in representations of blue dragons, a long defeated foe, and then ceremonially whacking the crap out of them to commemorate their defeat on an equinox long ago. For younger devotees, a husk representing the dragons is created and then filled with candy and minor firepoppers. The young ‘uns take turns beating the dragons down with sticks that are carved to resemble swords and lances. Whoever pops the dragon, wins and candy is shared by all.

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Festival of Shadow and Light

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