Gnome Homes

The, well, oddest collection of huts, houses, shacks, foundries, and “experiments” in all of Arranoon, and even the continent, the Gnome Homes are constantly in a murk of smoke, housing the gnome inventor population of the city. Smells of fire, grease, sweat, and flowers (some folk compete to grow the best, biggest, and oddest flora) mix in a heady stink. Often gnome homes are simply extensions of factories and labs. It is not uncommon to hear explosions, metal screeching, cogs ticking, children playing (at games like Explode the Troll) or witness the true jangling shrieks of the Gnome Emergency Brigade rushing to extinguish a fire, natural or magical. Generally, residents of Arranoon avoid this neighborhood at all costs, fearing to be a target of the “latest, greatest invention in Gnome history.”

The High Gnome lives here in a multi-storey dwelling that rambles off into the cavern walls. Rumors of great invention and wealth, especially gems, may attract the most foolish of adventurers.

The Gnome Tower of Illusion is also located here, another spot that residents avoid like the plague—though plague is thought to be more pleasant than the “tricks” the gnomes have devised.

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Gnome Homes

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