Heart of the Gardens

Located on the inner edge of the Elven District, the Heart of the Gardens was originally intended to serve rather discerning elven tastes, but between its proximity to the beautiful Hanging Gardens, commanding view over the city, and striking terraced architecture, the Heart of the Gardens gradually became a point of interest for human nobility and other upper class clientele.

Hardly resembling a typical tavern, the Heart provides some of the better (and more expensive) food and drink in the city, including imported delicacies, as well as a peaceful environment amidst the greenery. The privacy that can be attained here, as opposed to most such establishments, does not go unnoticed by those who need such things. Rumors of powerful magics ensuring the privacy abound, but the simple fact is that the “rooms” are so well crafted, the plants so well grown, and the acoustics so well thought out, that sound simply does not travel. The brooks crisscrossing the area and noise of the fountains also contributes to the dampening of sound.

The common room of the Heart of the Gardens is enclosed by a well-crafted latticework covered in flowering ivy and brilliant vines. The archways and vaulted pathways lead to several smaller rooms that may be used for private events. Many of the rooms, including the common room, are actually open to the outside air, allowing air and light to stream in through the vines and woodwork.

The Heart of the Gardens, due to its unique position as an iconic establishment, often offers pieces of minor enchanted jewelry, usually delicate silver items depicting flowing plantlife similar to that found in the building. This jewelry, while usually not powerful enough to be all that useful, is somewhat popular among the upper class of Arranoon.

  • Location: Level Three
  • Large building and grounds
  • Limited business
  • Owner: Fenduinis Shailysmyl
  • Clientele: Upper class, disproportionately high number of elves. Human nobles and those lucky few able to negotiate entrance comprise the non-elven element

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Heart of the Gardens

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