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A Player’s Guide to Arranoon

Surrounded by desert and dunes, the city-state of Arranoon lies between the broken mountain chain of the Brazen Peaks on a small plain. This sinkhole city has become an oasis in the baked desert, a Lotus of the Sand according to her poets, and one of the wonders of the world according to others. Arranoon sits at the crossroads of caravan routes between the free-market nation of the merchants of Katapesh and the harsh land of the pharaohs of Osirion.

This sinkhole city of Arranoon’s natural defenses have allowed the city to maintain strict neutrality in all diplomatic endeavors. As such, it has become a city of spies, refugees, opportunists, wanderers and adventurers….

Races in Arranoon

The Ruling Houses

Environs of Arranoon

Structure of the City Beneath the Sand

Organizations in Arranoon

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