The Great Underground Hotel

The Great Underground, as it is commonly called, is Arranoon’s great entrepreneur, Ara Eben’s personal residence and highest quality hotel. Sometimes called Eben’s Folly, the hotel is luxury incarnate, the owner having spared no expense. All rooms have supple desert wood panels, often decorated with local nomadic tribal symbols, meaninglessly painted on, that Eben felt gave the hotel that “rustic luxury” so many guest crave.

The Hotel is built into the upper portion of the cavern, looming over its section of the level. The reservoir’s aeration system, a massive enchanted mill wheel and its waterfall, dominates the view of the Underground, rotating in the cavern wall just below the Underground’s lowest level. A gorgeous sight that many come to the hotel’s fabulous balcony dining rooms just to enjoy.

Several hundred rooms, all luxurious, are available to house even the largest and most impressive of desert lord’s caravans.

Another well known feature of the Great Underground is the Collection, Eben’s personal library. Though he owns all things outright, the public is welcomed to browse the scrolls, research histories, craft new spells. Many think this is Eben’s attempt to both ingratiate himself to the intellectual community of Arranoon, and to show off. There are restricted sections of the collection, open to select patrons and members. Rumors abound of treasures as well. In many ways, the Collection at the Great Underground is indeed one of the most secure places in all the continent.

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The Great Underground Hotel

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