The Ruling Houses

The Seventeen is the collective name for Arranoon’s prominent families, or houses. All Seventeen are represented equally by Consuls in the ruling Assembly as well as having support staff and personnel.

There are five high houses with twelve additional under-houses that are subordinate to the Five, but able to change allegiance at the Head’s discretion (and own peril).

The Lords (or Ladies) of The Five (not the representative Consuls) form The Inner Council, advisers to the Proconsul.

One Consul is chosen from The Assembly of Seventeen to serve as the Proconsul, the head of state of Arranoon. The Proconsul is completely freed of his or her own house.

The Houses continually jockey for support, power, and control of Arranoon’s resources. Though outwardly civil, they are a dangerous, manipulative political body. It is usually at the appointment of a new Proconsul, with his or her redistribution of wealth and power, that the Houses show their fangs.

The Houses are:


  • Head of House-usually a Lord or Lady; a Head cannot serve his House as Consul
    • Head of House’s heir
    • The Head of House’s children and other immediate family
    • Advisers
  • Consul chosen from this pool of advisers, but has generally as much power if not more than the Lord himself
    • Relatives of the Head and Consul

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The Ruling Houses

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